ManagerGUI Applet

This page is just a draft, actually to have an idea of ManagerApplet is probably better to point your java-enabled browser at Asiloleague Serie A.


The ManagerApplet is a simple Java Applet aimed to give JEsMS league managers a graphical frontend, assisting them in their tasks (choosing a formation, watching matches and browsing league statistics and fixtures). Being an applet, ManagerApplet doesn't need installation and can be used directly inside an internet browser, this will simplify the life of many managers allowing them to watch a game simply pointing their browser to an URL. Obviously this doesn't mean that applet can't be used offline, in fact the applet package can be downloaded, unzipped to a local directory and run from there.

To use ManagerApplet you need a Java plugin for your internet browser, you can download it from here.

If you've a Java enabled browser, the best way to understand ManagerApplet is to try it.
Here you can see a ManagerApplet instance running the Serie A of Asiloleague: aside from italian comments used during the matches all should appear clear and, hopefully, simple.

Main Screen

Main panel screenshot

From this screen the manager can access to other screens of applet. The icons on the right of the screen brings, from top to bottom:
Team icon Teams screen
Matches icon Matches screen
Statistics icon Statistics screen
Credits icon Credits screen

Teams Screen

Teams panel screenshot

From this screen the manager may browse other teams rosters or define teamsheet for its team.

Matches Screen

Matches panel screenshot

From this screen the manager may assist a particular match in a championship-manager-like way.

Statistics Screen

Statistics panel screenshot

From this screen the manager may browse competition table or browse at competition statistics (version 1.1 will add all statistics present in TeamStats).