ManagerGUI Applet Team Screen

Choosing Team

Clicking on the Team button from the main screen will bring manager to the Team Selection screen reported below:

Teams panel screenshot

Here all teams partecipating at the league are listed and the manager simply click on the team he's interested into (he can browser other team rosters or go straight to its team page and make a teamsheet). Once selected a team from the previous screen the manager will enter the Team Panel:

Team panel screenshot

From this screen you are able to see which players are available for the next match and which are not; in fact in the screenshot you can see that Eraldone Pecci in suspended (since its row is red) while Cane Degasperi is injured (since its row is greyed out). Moreover, moving mouse on the name will show the number of weeks still to wait in your browser status bar (anyway the roster sus and inj columns are reported if you still want to look at them).

To make your teamsheet you simply start clicking on player rows and a dialog box asking for player's role will appear
If you've clicked with the left button the player will be placed in active players while substitutions are selected clicking with the right mouse button. A selected player will have its row changed from yellow to orange (if active) or pink (if sustitute) and its role will appear under the Pos column of the row. The applet won't let you choose neither 12 active players nor too much substuitutes (the exact number of allowed substitutes is read dynamically from the League.xml file). When you choose the bottom right Print Teamsheet button a further syntax check will be made ensuring that you've selected enough active players or substitutes (these controls will simply popup some warning message box, it's up to the user resolve the problems).

Tactic can be choosen with the bottom left combo box; unfortunately in the current mainstream version (1.0) applet is unable to load tactics dynamically from tactic.xml and therefore tactics may only be the standard one, if you're league uses custom tactics you've to change the roster by hand before sending it to the league administrator.

Conditionals panel

Clicking on the bottom conditionals button will move us to the conditionals panel where the manager may design conditionals to use in the teamsheet:

Conditional panel screenshot

This screen is divided in a couple of areas:

  • Action Panel: Contains the action of the conditional that is being created.
  • Conditions Panel: Contains the conditions that is being created and a list of conditionals already created (these are all in logical AND)
  • Conditionals List: Contains the list of conditionals already created.

A manager compiles conditionals using Action and Conditions panels and add them to the conditional list using the Add button on the left. Using Action and Conditions panel is really easy, all infos needed are inserted using comboboxes. Probably, the biggest problem is understanding what a conditional is, look in the manual for its description if you're unsure.

Print TeamSheet

Clicking on the Print Teamsheet button you'll open a dialogbox as the following:

Print teamsheet panel screenshot

Now, depending from permission given by the final user to the applet, the manager may simply copy the xml from the dialog and paste it into a text editor saving it as teamsheet.xml or he may directly save (load) the teamsheet to (from) his hard disk. You may give permissions to applet using the policytool program which comes with Java runtime environment (more on this here) or, if you prefer, you may use the applet without granting any permission but in this case the Print Teamsheet feature won't work as intended (since you'll be unable to get the teamsheet generated by the Applet).