Fixture Generator

Syntax: java -cp:JEsMS.jar fgen [<fixture>] [-c:<cname>][-w:<wname>]

Fixture Generator is the program used to generate competition fixtures, currently only league type competitions are supported but more kind of competitions will be added in future. To complete its task successfully fgen needs League.xml and table.xml files in the working directory. The xml file generated follows the JEsMS fixtures xml format, more informations on it can be found here.


fixture is the filename that will contain the generated fixture, if not present, fgen will use its default value "fixture.xml"
cname is the name of the competition generated (i.e. "Asiloleague 2004/2005"), if this value is not specified a generic "Competition" is used
wcname is the name of a competition "round" (i.e. "Week", "Giornata" or whatever you feel is appropriate in your competition), if this value is not specified a generic "Week" is used.