Team Sheet Creator

Syntax: java -cp:JEsMS.jar tsc [-h] [-x:<xslfile>] [-xe:<url>] <roster> <formation>

The Team Sheet Creator is the program used to generate teamsheets from a team roster (if you already known ESMS, tsc is the tsc.exe replacement). It is used to generate a valid teamsheet from a given roster file; Given a roster file and a tactic string, it will create a rossht.xml file, where ros is the abbreviation of the team defined in the roster file.


xslfile is the filename of as xsl file used to transform the xml teamsheet generated by the teamsheet creator. The transformation is handled internally by tsc and the result is placed in a file with extension .out (notice that xml file is always produced, since it is used by other JESMS suite tools). Here there are several standard xsl files used to convert xml commentary to other, more readable, formats such as txt or html.
Very similar to the previous flag but instead of processing statically the xml producing an external file, a reference (an URL) to xslfile is embedded directly into the xml file. (xsl transformation will be done later by the web browser used to open the xml file. This can be very useful for webmasters of a league site since in this way each teamsheet can be uploaded as XML exactly as it came out from tsc but it will be still readable as HTML by a web browser.
This mandatory argument is simply the filename of the roster that will be used to generate the teamsheet.

This mandatory argument is a string representing the formation that must be used when generating teamsheet. The format of this string is the following: def-mid-att-tac.

A string such as "4-4-2-N" means simply that the teamsheet generated should have 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 attackers while the tactic used should be Normal